2016 traffic: Athens International Airport, 20.2 million passengers, + 10.7%

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During December, Athens International Airport’s passengers reached 1.35 million, corresponding to an increase of 14.3% compared to prior-year levels. Domestic travellers enjoyed an 8.3% rise, while international passengers grew strong at +18%. Greek travellers enjoyed a robust rise of 19% and foreign visitors also presented growth at the level of 7%.

Overall, in 2016, the Athens International Airport recorded an all-time high performance, with 20.02 million passengers, surpassing previous year traffic by 1.9 million (+10.7%). Both domestic and international passengers achieved double-digit growth levels of 11.2% and 10.4%, respectively, reaching 7.15 million and 12.87 million. This growth was driven by both the Greek residents’ dynamic growth of 15%, as well as the foreign visιtors’ robust rise of 8%.

Overall, for 2016 Athens International Airport’s number of flights amounted to 189 thousands and demonstrated a rise of 7.4% compared to prior year levels. Both domestic and international flights demonstrated growth, at the level of 6.4% and 8.1%, respectively.

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